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The best!
Neil Young, a local resident where I grew up with no pretensions, who couldn't be more down to earth and pleasant
Jonathan Richman (Modern Lovers), who was interested in everyone and everything

Very warm and friendly
Helen Hunt in a tiny taco bar on Maui
Elvis Costello, climbing down off the tour bus
John Irving, who read all his works in progress on campus and chatted endlessly
Jello Biafra (Eric) of the Dead Kennedys, a dorm-mate and very funny!
Joan Baez, who I didn't meet myself, but my husband attended traffic school with her several years ago. She was very chatty and friendly.
Spalding Gray, Artist in Residence on my campus, a sweetie but a horn dog (RIP Spuddy)

Polite but very reserved
Cliff Robertson at Grosvenor House
Alex Chilton in the bar before performing with Big Star
2008 Nobel Prize winner Jean-Marie-Gustave Le Clézio, my French lit professor as an undergraduate

Eccentric but quite interesting to talk to
Eugene Ionesco, Artist in Residence on campus
Brian Eno, after his "Oblique Strategies" lecture on campus

Really, really grumpy
Sean Penn, but I forgive him because he was posing in a dark suit under the broiling summer sun, and probably just wanted to go inside the hotel and have a cold drink

Who I'd love to meet, but never have...has anyone here?
Martin Amis
Eve Babitz
Richard Armitage (the actor, not the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State)
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