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I can remember vividly a Welsh Bitter ad from when I was a kid.

A guy with an American accent, wearing a jacket and tie, walks into a Welsh bar.

Bloke standing next to him goes "Hey it's Bryn ! Haven't seen you in years !

Bryn (in American accent) "Got my own ranch back in Texas now" (drinks pint)

Screen fades to black...

Cut to Bryn drinking his 3rd or 4th pint, who drawls "Yeah, got 100 acres, a wonderful wife and kids" etc etc

Screen fades to black...

Cut to Bryn with his tie off drinking yet another pint, in a broad Valleys accent "That's the trouble with them Yanks mun ! No hwyl !"

Screen shows a pint on a bar, with the slogan "Never forget your Welsh"
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