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I'm quite pleased, he has masses of knowledge, and enthusiasm, but he just doesn't seem to come across well, and as a previous poster has said, he is very dismissive of Kate, always interrupting her,

Apparently the line up for his replacement is a choice between Simon King, Gordon Buchanan, (the Scots cameraman), Ben Fogle and an outside bet on Alan Titchmarsh.

IMO they should bring Simon into the studio, and let Gordon Buchanan do what Simon used to.

Kate is used to working with Ben, but I don't think he is right for Springwatch/Autumnwatch, also he has a lot of other irons in the fire, he will be presenting a new 'Countryfile' spin off soon, chasing up stories that have already been presented on the original Countryfile programme, which is being moved to Sunday teatime soon.

It will be interesting to see which lineup the BBC go with.
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