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It all depends of the crime. You don't hear Gary Glitter and Jonathan King songs on the radio any more. I can't forgive them for being paedophiles and nor can the radio producers, I suppose.
Convicted druggies, like Doherty, are a different thing. People can still listen to their music with out feeling sick to the stomach because of their crime.
Lord Archer seems to have bounced back after being convicted for perverting the course of justice. He's written best sellers and managed to keep his peerage since his release from chokey.
Yes, that's my thoughts too. One of my favourite group is the Rolling Stones, some of whom have been in trouble with the law and spent time in jail. I have no problem buying and listening to their stuff. BUt I would never buy a Gary Glitter record (or Jonathan King, but then again I would never have bought one of his anyway).
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