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I do not support celebrities who committed murder, so someone like let's say O.J. Simpson would be boycotted by me or his films would be. I know some will say he was not criminally convicted of the double murders in America but I followed the trial and was more than convinced he did it. He was found guilty in the civil trial that followed for both murders, and that is certainly a legal verdict in America anyway.

I do not support celebrities who commit child molestation, or are into kiddie porn or who rape. So that does mark Michael Jackson off my list. Once again, he was not convicted in court but I have seen enough research on him to believe he is guilty of some type of child molestation and perversion with underage boys. You have to use your own judgment on these things when you research it. Kiddie porn was removed from Neverland for his criminal trial by the way. The Kiddie porn is enough for me to say so long to Michael Jackson even though at one time, I really did like him.

I do not support celebrities who beat women or children so yes, Chris Brown would be off my list. I don't want to give money to people who do such things even though of course, they will receive millions, my money simply doesn't have to be among it.

Celebrities who are addicts, get hooked on drugs and alcohol and who are caught with possession or whatever, doesn't bother me. They are harming themselves basically and if they go and do their legal sentences in jail or community service or whatever, I don't care. Keifer Sutherland did his time and I would not boycott him and the same with the ones on drugs. Coolio however, well maybe he should've boycotted before they found the crack on him at the airport (Just kidding). Drug and alcohol offenses don't bother me, but murder, child molestation, kiddie porn, rape or battering of a woman or child does.

I may want to add racism to the list. Racism whether it's white on black, black on white, racism against Jewish people or Muslims, whatever it is, does annoy me and makes you not look at the artist in the same way.

One thing I have found, you have to have boundaries and principles and stick with them in life, or else you'll fall for anything and believe everything is ok.
I agree with this wholeheartedly, which is why I'm surprised to say the least that so many people seem to be salivating at the prospect of a certain performer touring in the UK.
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