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I wont be jumping on the I agree with Torrid Affair bandwagon, although with Chris Brown, the more I read of this story the more I am disappointed by Rihanna's alleged stance. I hope this is just the papers stretching things are far as possible. So many teenaged girls are becoming the victims of domestic violence nowadays, sometimes girls as young as 13, and it saddens me that some of her young fans might take some perverse insiration or courage from her "standing by her man". Domestic violence destroys confidence and can be fatal for the victim. Its so sad.

Re Michael Jackson, I'd rather not swallow the "evidence" of conspiracy theorists or people who dislike him, personally he never struck me as someone with the nature of a paedophile, imo its a very distinctive personality trait and if people are honest they'll say that it is something about him they don't like rather than actually believing that he is a genuine paedophile. I suppose some people will hold to their view that he is, so I gladly hold to my strong belief that while he does look a little frightful and I could knock him over the head for dangling the baby over the balcony, a paedophile he most definitely is not.
Cannot wait to see him at the O2 YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!
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