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I am really getting sick and tired of people defending Wacko Jacko....there is no defense and who cares if he was once a great entertainer? in God's name does that matter now? At least read all these links before you reply to this....because I am going to seriously ask all of you who defend him and worship can you?

Do some research online on what was taken from Neverland prior to the criminal trial....and of probably pales into comparision to what was moved out of there as they knew the search warrant was coming...

Since Diane was in the court room everyday of this trial....and covered it for CNN and COURT TV...I think you can trust this is real...

As part of the evidence to show attraction to boys, the prosecution introduced two books featuring nude prepubescent boys. The books were seized from Jackson in 1993 and never returned...... They were child erotica or pornography..... showing a sexual attraction to boys....or so the prosecution portrayed them....why the hell else would he have them?

One book, "The Boy: A photographic Essay"..... features many pictures of nude boys....... including some explicit pictures of genitalia.

In February of 2005....the Smoking gun somehow published the official and genuine pre-trial transcript of the grand jury....the court admitted it was real and wondered where they got it....the Grand Jury was a big secret with jurors often being snuck in under blankets...the court itself claims the SMOKING GUN got the real how do you dispute that?

Now look at what some of the jurors thought after the criminal trial...

Here you go....sounds like a guy you should let your young son hang-out with...
How do I dispute it? I've said and I'll say again I want court docs. Not links to websites. In the CB RiRi case I presented court docs to back my information up. You can give as many ''smoking gun'', ''court t.v'' links, as you like but I want court docs that MJ did this or was alleged to do it.
Until I see court docs, not smoking gun articles then your case will be valid.
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