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I boycott all RnB cos it is sh1te.

And this Chris Brown sounds like a right little ****.....he will do it again of that we can be sure.
1) You obviously haven't listened to much RnB
2) To make a generalised statement like that is ridiculous
3) What is your favourite genre? Cause maybe that's not to other people's taste!
I heart R'N'B.
I've heard more than enough to know it's vacuous chod, but each to their own.
I agree with that.

I would only boycott a star I liked if they'd done something completely heinous. Other than that, no... if it's more minor, I don't give a fig.

Completely agree worpler.

Can't be doing with this R'n'B lite that's in the charts at the mo. It's not even R'n'B, it's pop!
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