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To be honest, its a difficult question.

My feeling is that if i liked the music, i probably would not boycott it. This is because I buy my music to listen to it and enjoy it, not as an act of support towards the artist.

I can see why people feel that someone such as Chris Brown does not deserve sucess, but if he releases a song that i want to listen to (which hasnt happened yet), i will probably listen to it.

Once you start basing your music choices on the actions of the artist, it ceases to be about the music and more just a popularity contest, which is too prevelent in the music industry as it is and is destroying it by letting uncreative and uninnovative songs have sucess based on the act's name alone.

My sentiments exactly! And entertainers arent usually your normal kind of person. A lot of them are high school drop out, do drugs, and have a lot of skeletton in their closet, just unheard of. Its been said that CB hit Rihanna before, but to the fan, he seemed like a very clean wholesome person until this incident. SO like you said, its stupid to out these artists in a moral box. I never do! As a matter of fact, I expect the worst from them.
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