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To be honest, its a difficult question.

My feeling is that if i liked the music, i probably would not boycott it. This is because I buy my music to listen to it and enjoy it, not as an act of support towards the artist.

I can see why people feel that someone such as Chris Brown does not deserve sucess, but if he releases a song that i want to listen to (which hasnt happened yet), i will probably listen to it.

Once you start basing your music choices on the actions of the artist, it ceases to be about the music and more just a popularity contest, which is too prevelent in the music industry as it is and is destroying it by letting uncreative and uninnovative songs have sucess based on the act's name alone.
I understand you but the thing is, if a artist you supported abused kids, wouldn't you be endorsing their actions if you continued to buy their stuff, and funding their court cases. I feel I should not give money, to padeos, murders, women beaters. Any other offence seems minor to me unless someone apart from the artist is killed. Maybe, I'm silly to boycott everyone who commits these offences but I see by not supporting an artist who is an
1. Padeo
3.Women Beater
you are discouraging those who are famous from doing it, in fear their career will die. I just feel if I listened to the music of women beater singing a love song, they are being hyprocritical.
Maybe the reason why we as people care so much were music is coming from instead of wherther the song itself, is good music or not, is because of the celebrity culture that has risen in years to destroy people who do the unthinkable, and judge them on them as person rather than their music. I don't know, I was bought up this way. I learned that you can't put your own morals against music, because that's just stupid, at the same time I don't want to buy the album of someone who's killed a person and fund their court case.
Maybe, I'm expecting too much from stars, when I think they should not, murder, abuse kids, or beat up their partners.
But then I ask this:

Is their a difference between listening to an artist's music and then buying it?
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