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My sentiments exactly! And entertainers arent usually your normal kind of person. A lot of them are high school drop out, do drugs, and have a lot of skeletton in their closet, just unheard of. Its been said that CB hit Rihanna before, but to the fan, he seemed like a very clean wholesome person until this incident. SO like you said, its stupid to out these artists in a moral box. I never do! As a matter of fact, I expect the worst from them.
Well, that's your opinon. But accept the fact others choose not to support anyone who:
Abuses kids.
Is a women beater.
Most people don't support drugs but don't consider that as reason to boycott someone. It's reasons like those above.
Also, I have never heard of Rhianna or Beyonce, murdering, abusing kids or beating anyone up.
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