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Hiya Rose. I've watched Heath's bits in that film, I thought he was great, but I gave up on the rest of the film, just not my cup of tea.

I've avoided this place for a while, for the same reasons as you I think, Fed up with Heath Being dragged into all the drug stuff blah blah blah!
Hows you? I saw Jess posting on DS just now, be nice if she would say hello.

Hey FFF.

Someone tried to drag Heath into the MJ/drug addiction thing again on here yesterday/today. Sick of it to be honest. Seems people that read tittle tattle websites consider themselves much more well informed when based on speculation and rumours rather than based on fact. PMT has kicked in today, ready to let rip now.

'Heath's bits' lol. Bless him. Still not watched all the film. It's well weird, not my cup of tea either.

Think I'm getting to the stage where I'm close to avoiding this place altogether too.

Off to go and nut someone now...

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