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Channel Four are hugely inconsistent with their Simpsons tampering. A few weeks ago, in the episode where Lisa started an independent newsletter, Willie's utterance of the phrase "I've been reviewing the new tractors - they're all shite!"* was left in (at least on Channel 4+1) on the evening broadcast. Meanwhile, as noted, lots of relatively harmless parts were cut out.

Does anyone know the rationale behind C4's scheduling of The Simpsons late on Friday nights? The episodes chosen aren't especially controversial - I'd understand if "Weekend At Burnsie's" was put out that late, but I don't think that's appeared in the slot yet.

(*Related points: The 'shite' line has, as far as I know, only ever been included once in a Sky One screening, which went out at 8.30pm. Reportedly, said Bad Word has even been removed from repeat showings in the US.)
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