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I'm still surprised when the word bloody is bleeped/cut or even aplogised for.

A darts player said the word in an interview the other night and the presenter apologied and asked him to watch his language. It was then bleeped on the repeat.

I would just take the p and start talking about nose bleeds and bloody noses

Credit to the beeb though. Twice in live broadcasts over the last few days (Christine Bleakley on The One Show and a female Australian sprinter) the word bloody has been uttered and it wasn't apologiesed for which is a refreshing change.
I was in a shop once and 'Never Be Lonely' by The Feeling was playing and 'bloody' was censored in that

Interesting that the Simpsons was cut to pieces but The Poseidon Adventure afterwards got to keep its language but then again, if it had already been cut before Channel 4 got it I guess it isn't the channel's fault.
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