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Not completely uncut. There's an exchange between grumpy residents in the towers which is truncated.
"Don't worry about him. They put all the jerks in Tower One."

I'd imagine the culture of taking a pair of scissors to anything remotely contentious in The Simpsons is not really going to improve any time soon, what with the story-hungry tabloids itching for the latest "NEW TV SCANDAL". It's already got to the point where "Man off telly says nasty thing about Prime Minister" is considered a news story again, as if Harold Macmillan was still in power, for flip's sake.

There used to be a brilliant site called The Snipsons, which kept a log of all the cuts made to the various episodes. It's mostly still available at . For example, Sky used to cut out the part of the episode "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer" (i.e. the chilli eating contest) where Homer drank the candle wax, pretty much rendering the subsequent scene pretty odd.
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