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Yes, it is interesting. Pardew had to issue a public apology over the comment ( but nobody bats an eyelid at "I could murder a cheeseburger"

But the fact is that a very large number of people find this usage of "rape" to be unacceptable. I would like to think of myself as very open minded when it comes to language but even I don't like it. I don't know where the line is, but this crosses it.
Yes I agree, this crosses the line. The thing is, if you have been murdered, then someone saying "murder a cheesburger" isn't going to come back to disturb you. You're dead. However, if you survive being raped, then all this out of context use of "rape this rape that" is going to cause offence and hurt. Real hurt.
Like I said, I've luckliy not been raped, but I know someone who has, and it broke my heart when she told me about it.
I don't get offended easily about anything, but this thread's title offends me. It's just so stupid and inappropriate and horrible. It makes me so sad.
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