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For some reason I'm not bothered by someone saying 'The show's been murdered', but I think 'The show's been raped' is a bit more graphic and unpleasant. I don't know why. However, I wasn't offended by the thread title.

However, if someone said 'I could rape a cheeseburger' then I would think they were being unnecessarily unpleasant. I wouldn't try to censor their speech, but I wouldn't like it either. Perhaps it's because murder is a bit more abstract and non-specific (ie what method), whereas rape is a pretty clear cut concept.

If someone says 'Jeez, I could kill you for that', it sounds like a joke. If you said 'you deserve to be raped for that!', it comes across much more as bad taste. I

magine if someone said they worked in a primary school. 'Sometimes I could kill the little tykes when they misbehave!' - that you wouldn't take too seriously. But if you substitute the word 'kill'... Do I need to spell it out?

But a bitch is just a girl dog, so Santa's Little Helper is indeed a son of a bitch! No need to edit that out. Stupid censors.
But without the double meaning of 'bitch' there is no joke. It's disingenuous to say that the offensive meaning is not also implied.
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