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I'd actually agree with the general abhorrence of the use of the word rape. I think that for a large section of our society, sadly, it stirs up some really horrible memories, and for the rest of us it's just not a word we use in general parlance. We don't for instance look at a match and say "OOh! My team raped the opposition!" We're rightly sensitive to what that word represents, and in fairness the only time I've ever seen it used, other than in classical literature, is when a crime of that most horrible type has been committed.

So it's not a word to use lightly. There was no need for the OP to use it: hundreds of other words would have sufficed (I would suggest "ruined" or maybe "destroyed"?), and I would think that as a simple act of human compassion the mods here should amend it to something less offensive.

That said, I know it wasn't put up there to court contraversy, but it has had that effect and should be deleted now.
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