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One of my favourite scenes from the Simpsons is from the episode "Trash of the Titans", where Homer runs for Sanitation Commissioner. Anyway so Homer goes down to the municipal building and:

Homer Simpson: [Pushes in front of a queue] I wanna register to run for sanitation commissioner. And tell the fat cats upstairs things are gonna change in this town.
Clerk: Okay, but this is where you register as a sex offender.
Moe: [Arriving at the back of the queue] Oh, jeez, there's always a line.

Channel 4 always edit out the line about the sex offender!! Which makes Moe coming in and saying "There's always a line" completely moronic and meaningless.

Nice one channel 4 for ruining the greatest series ever!!
They also edited out the bit where the sanitation commissioner says to Homer "You told people I lured children into my ginger bread house"
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