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The full Vanity Fair article about Heath, Gilliam and Doctor Parsnippus is online now. Some personal information about Heath's state of mind, emotions and affairs towards the end spilled by Gilliam - Heath would have hated him disclosing any of that, but interesting all the same. Some of what he says throughout though is disputed by friends/aquaintences of both so I think you can take what he has to say or leave it really. Some interesting insights into Heath over the years anyway.

The Last of Heath

Lovely quote by Christopher Plummer at the end...

ďAnybody in this business who enjoys themselves as much as Heath did is unusual, and valuable, and what itís all about. I like to think of Heath as not having disappeared. Because the one thing the screen does, that the theater does not, is to make you immortal. He was a joy and heíll go on being a joy. Heath will be with us forever.Ē
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