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Here is an idea for a new music game here on the music game thread:

Do you think you can sing your favourite song as good or better than the original?
If you do, audition now!
I am looking for your auditions.
TO AUDITION: Sing your favourite song and upload to Youtube, Singsnap, e.t.c. Give me a reason of why you love the song your singing.

Out of all the auditions I have, 8 will progress to the live shows where the public will vote for their favourite performance. The public will also vote a song for each contestant from a certain theme. For example, if Week 2's theme was Michael Jackson songs, the public would vote the best Michael Jackson song for each contestant to sing in the next show.

THE TWIST: The thing that makes SING IT different to other games is that there are no judges. You, the public and audience judge the performances and you can post your comments and opinion of each performance, starting from the first audition.

Can you SING IT? Auditions close SUNDAY 6TH SEPTEMBER. Get your auditions sent it, we need them to ensure the game is a success

Jobs Needed:
Creative Director
Song Chooser
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