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How the hell were readers supposed to know that was the end???? You'd think there would be some kind of message in the paper for people who have been following the stories.

I had to google today to find out what was going on. Yeah the club was sold, but they are always having dramas and finding their way out of them. How annoying.
Knowing from this thread that the strip was due to end on or around last week, I thought the strip that ended with Eric and Nick walking off in to the distance would be the end.

The last time the strip 'ended' in The Sun, it was due to have a final panel along the lines of 'thanks for following us over the last 18 years - see you in the new Striker weekly!'. Then The Sun demanded 85,000 to run 'the advert'. The payment was duly made... and still they backed down on the agreement - i.e. they had no vested interest in Striker continuing outside of the paper... and sad to say, it worked.

So, I suspect that it's fair to say that again, The Sun don't want to draw attention to the strip finishing or present a web site address where fans can follow whatever progress. They live in the small hope that Pete Nash will be forced to bring it out of retirement and back in to their pages.
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