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Email received from Pete Nash

Dear reader,

Thank you for your email enquiring about Strikerís absence. I have received hundreds of them and they are still arriving so I hope you will forgive me for not replying to each one personally. I have been warmed by so many kind comments and somewhat surprised by the strength of feelings expressed.

Last September I gave a yearís notice to The Sun that I felt the time was approaching to end Striker as it was becoming increasingly difficult to create fresh storylines for the characters and I did not want to run the risk of it becoming stale. There was always the possibility of re-launching it in the future and to this end I offered to create a replacement strip for The Sun or rerun earlier adventures showing how Warbury Warriors were formed when Nick and Eric first got together. Sadly, The Sun did not wish to discuss this possibility.

I ended the strip with a scenario that both wrapped up the storyline and kept open the possibility of resurrecting it at a later date. I had no idea The Sun would leave their readers in the dark by failing to announce the strip was ending.

For a long time now I have wanted to publish the entire Striker archive as a series of books and develop it into a movie or TV series. I shall now have the time to explore those possibilities and will keep you informed of any developments. In the meanwhile, I shall shortly be updating our website at where you can read some of the earlier Striker adventures free online.

With best wishes and thanks for your support,

Pete Nash
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