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How did striker end?

I haven't read it in ages but man i used to be so addicted
Fabian bought the club from Li Ming. Eric and Nick took Fabian to the site of the proposed new stadium which would have been built, and Nick pointed out to Fabian that all he'd bought was the right to use the name of the club, as there was no stadium or team.

Meanwhile, Eric told Nick that he'd done a deal to buy Newcastle, but what he hadn't told Nick was it was Newcastle Town that he'd bought, not Newcastle United, which Nick only discovered when they arrive at the ground. Nick then walks off in disgust, with Eric chasing him.

After discovering that his purchase was virtually worthless, Fabian sold the club to Scrapper, who then planned to use the site of the proposed new stadium for retail development. However, he found that he couldn't due to a clause in the contract. Just then, an Arab Shiekh turned up making Scrapper an offer he couldn't refuse...

...and that was it.
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