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I have met a couple of people, although there not that amazing...

Sarah Lark (IDA) not the most famous person but for sure the nicest. Stood and chatted for acges and then gave ma and my friend autographs and pictures Although i find all the people i have met that were/are in musicals (Kerry Ellis, Connie Fisher, Jodie Prenjer, Dianne Pilkington, Charlotte Wakefield) are lovely, don't know if thats just a coincidence.

Natasha Richardson - she was a complete idol of mine ever since i saw her in The Parent Trap when i was little and I was super exited when she was on set the same day as me. She was so sweet, me and my friend were sitting in the shade trying to catch cashew nuts in our mouths to pass the time and she came over and sat in the shade next to us and was telling how we could catch them more easily and then chatted for a while. Absolutely charming!

Cate Blanchett She seemed nice enough not starry at all.

Emma Thompson Nice lady, she was all nanny mcpheed up so she it was rather odd talking to her but she was nice

My mum and dad met Keira Knightly and James Macavoy at the Atonement premier and said they were very nice and chatty, no starry I feel so sorry for Keira, she isn't as bad as everyone assumes!

Can't think of anyone else at the moment....and probs spelt half the names wrong..sorry about that !
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