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I have met quite a few celebs over the years, nicest one Ive met has to be Gemma Arterton. In 2008 I sent her a letter asking for a signed pic, recieved one back with a lovely letter which I have framed on my wall! Then in February this year I dragged my friend down to London to watch her perform in The Little Dog Laughed, we were lucky enough to see her before and after the play and both times she was very nice, signing autographs and taking pictures with fans outside who had been to the play.. she did refuse to sign for some people who were clearly ebayers but to everyone who had clearly been to the play she was charming

I also met Biffy Clyro at a single signing this January, we were told no pictures allowed with the band at the signing desk, however one of the security guards kindly brought the band over to me at the end so I could get a group photo with them!

Kelly Clarkson in February this year, heard she could be horrible but she signed autographs & posed for photos with about 7 fans outside her hotel in Liverpool, I can imagine it must get annoying but she was nice and managed to have a brief chat with her about Liverpool & the concert which was nice.

John and Edward of X Factor fame! You may laugh, but of the X Factor tour this year they were the only act who actually made time to go outside and talk to fans everywhere whereas many of the other acts *cough Olly and Stacey *cough* refused! Lucie, Danyl and Jamie were also nice on tour

Speaking of Lucie Jones, I had a meet and greet for her at one of her nightclub gigs and she didnt do it afterwards, after sending an e-mail to her management I recieved a letter and a signed photo from Lucie herself, and the offer of a meet and greet at another gig!

Ive met Avril Lavigne at an organised meet and greet, paid 320 for two tickets for me and my sister.. got about 10 seconds with her, she was nice but for 320 she had to be! Got thrown in and out of a photo with her, before we were allowed near her we got read a list of rules 'dont touch her' 'dont ask for more than one autograph' etc!

The only really horrible celeb Ive met has been Hayley Williams from Paramore. She was a horror back in 2007. There was about 6-8 fans waiting outside the venue to see the band and she ignored us all day, as did Jeremy and Josh (other members of the band). The drummer Zac was lovely though!
REALLY?!!? I love paramore. I've seen tons of stuff on youtube and they always (hayley in particular) seem happy to talk to fans/sign stuff before and after shows. Gutted to hear this.
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