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...Really? First negative thing I've heard from anyone who's met John and Edward.
Aw well, I still want to meet them
It's a weird one as they definitely had loads of time for the fans & spent ages signing autographs and doing pictures...just only with the 'faces' that they had seen before and had supported them all along! Or maybe they just pick and choose which fans they like the look of?

Lloyd wasn't particularly friend asked for a picture and he said "OK but hurry up about it" with a bit of a scowl...which I thought was a bit much considering he was on that tour by the skin of his teeth, given that he can't actually sing!?

Danyl & Jamie were nice enough and happy to have a chat and pictures...didn't really speak to any of the girls so couldn't comment. Didn't see a great deal of them though, really?

Joe was very sweet but the security were all over him like a rash and not letting him stop for the fans...which is a shame!

Olly was far and away the nicest
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