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Met Jimmy Carr after a gig, so lovely, even though me and my friends were practically stalking him (there wasn't any time for photos, so we hung around till the end and made him have one with us, no wonder he looks scared in it! plus outside the venue, we kept bumping into him, he probably was just wishing we would go!)

I've met John Barrowman,

James Marsters

and Eve Myles at a signing. John was rushed off his feet, so didn't get loads of time to talk to him, but seems like a lovely guy. James is LOVELY (I'm biased - Buffy is my favourite programme of all time), he loves a bit of eve contact and shaking hand for a long time. Eve, well she is just a sweetheart! Such a lovely girl, wondering if we were having a good day and what we were up to.

Haven't met a bad one so far!
OMG I am so jealous u met James Marsters- Buffy and Angel are my fave tv shows ever! Angel's my favourite character but Spike was so 2nd
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