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I just posted on the thread about Judy Finnegan and realised that I'd not commented here about Richard Madeley - probably because they are near neighbours and I don't tend to think about their 'celebrity' much. I just want to say that, although I never see Judy, Richard is always out and about. He seems a thoroughly nice guy - always as cheery as he appears in the media - locals don't tend to greet him, but he always smiles/waves/says hello when he sees you!

We also see Jonathan Ross, who lives on the other side of the Hampstead Heath extension and is sometimes out there with kids & dogs. I've never spoken to him, but he is always getting involved in local events (fetes, prizegivings etc.) and, although I don't think much of his TV persona, I can say he does his bit for the local community. You can always spot his wife - she's the only person around here with flourescent magenta hair...
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