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Liam Neeson helped pick gloop out of my hair when I was about 11. Much of Rob Roy was filmed where I live and I befriended the directors daughter, Daisy. She was a bit of a bitch but I thought it was ace that her dad was a director so thought I'd just put up with her cowness.

One night I stayed over at the house her family were renting whilst filming and Daisy through this toy gloopy stuff at me. It all went in my hair and was like chewing gum. I started going crazy at her screaming (I had such beautiful hair) and her parents came running to see what happened. Her mum took me to another room to try and save my hair and then Liam Neeson walked in. I was in a bit of a state and he sat down next to me and started to help pick this crap of my hair. He was such a lovely dad type.

My hair had to be cut short to get rid of the stuff but I guess it's my own fault for being such a fame whore! Plus Liam Neeson touched my hair and said it was pretty!
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