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Haven't done amazingly on the ol' celebrity but my brother and my dad have!

I went with my brother to a tailors on Portobello Road a few weeks back as he plans for a wedding and just as we were preparing to leave, Michael Barrymore came in with his little dog. He was friendly enough, but also seemed quite low and depressed. Whether he really is, or if it is just a case of him not being the hyperactive maniac he was on TV I don't know.

Other than that, there isn't too much! I walked past John "Nasty Nick" Altman at Stevenage Train Station back in November, and apparently Kim Wilde said I was beautiful when my mum bumped into her at a record shop in Stevenage, haha!

Other people in my family have fared better! Here's a few.

- My dad used to be a painter and decorator and was working in some shop or other in London in the 1980s when George Michael wandered in. My dad said he was extremely polite and made a point of talking to everyone working in the shop. At the same place, Barbara Windsor used to walk past walking her dog and would always give them a wave and say hello.

- My mum, dad and uncle were lucky enough to get tickets for Live Aid. While going to the toilet my dad saw Sting and Bob Geldof chatting, and some girls went over to say hello, he said they both looked at the girls in disgust and ignored them. On the way out of the toilet, my dad saw Brian May and Freddie Mercury, and the same girls approached them. This time, however, Freddie and Brian were wonderful and happily signed autographs.

- My brother was at a gig by The Who a good few years back, and while going to the toilet (a theme here!) he walked past the VIP area just as Mick Jagger was walking out, talking on the phone. My brother, a huge fan of The Rolling Stones was completely starstruck and decided to hang around and wait for Jagger to hang up before going up to him! Jagger, realising what was going on, quickly made his way back into the VIP area. Just as he did, my brothers friend ran over saying "Look, Jeremy Clarkson's over there!", my brother, thoroughly unimpressed said "I couldn't care less where Jeremy Clarkson is, Mick Jagger's behind that door!", only to turn round and see that Clarkson was right next to him, looking extremely peed off!

My brother is a hairdresser and certainly meets some characters. He recently cut the hair of Uriah Heep's Ken Hensley, who was very humble about his musical career, in fact, he only mentioned anything when my brother was talking about his OWN band. "I used to be in and out of band's myself" he said. When my brother asked if he was in anything he'd have heard of, he just simply said "Well I was in Uriah Heep, we had our moment for a few years". He has also cut the hair of a Liverpudlian woman for many, many years who claims that her first date was with none other than a certain John Lennon. My brother said he's known her for years and never made any other lies or bold claims, so he's inclined to believe her. According to her, she was the worst excuse for a man she's ever met in her life. Arrogant, violent, chauvinistic, angry, sarcastic. Not unbelievable, but I still love the music!

I've had a few email conversations with Brian May and he is a wonderful man. I will be meeting him for the first time next Friday at a book signing and I really cannot wait.

I'm sure there is more, but I can't recall them yet!
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