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i've posted this before on another thread so apologies to people who already read it there.

ears ago when star trek the next generation was on TV, i once had the dubious pleasure of meeting chief o'brien aka colm meaney in a hotel foyer... i was only about 12 at the time and was just staring at him, dumb struck at seeing someone from one of my favorite shows in the flesh.

seeing this he all of a sudden gave me a look of disgust and snapped 'yes, yes i'm an actor for f**ks sake' in this ridiculously over-exaggerated lawrence olivier type voice.

i was completely stunned at this reaction and probably looked as though i was about to burst into tears when this woman who had overheard the entire thing piped up saying 'standing in the background on star trek does not make you an actor you obnoxious arse'

he looked like he'd been slapped in the face with a rotten fish

i also met Zooey Deschanel in a coffee shop on the upper west side of manhattan. she was filming Gigantic there. my girlfriend worked as a barista in a coffee shop there and i was helping her open up early one morning when zooey came dashing in looking a coffee as she'd had it with the crappy trailer stuff. she was totally down to earth and really nice. got the most brilliant blue eyes. she stayed a while to get some information on belfast as she knew she'd be filming soon. i said she should give me a yell when she got hear but she never did
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