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I mat Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters and Brian May and Rager Taylor from Queen last week.

Brian May was lovely and Taylor Hawkins and the rest of his band, the Coattail Riders, were amazingly friendly. Total dream come true to meet a Foo!!

My daughter had her picture taken with Dani Harmen and Joe Pasquale. They were obviously tired after just performing but they were good to the kids and made my daughter's day.

Lenny Henry was just how you'd imagine, absolutely lovely. So was Leslie Grantham (funnily enough, I wasn't expecting him to be so nice!).

I find that the ones that aren't so famous are the ones with an attitude- Barry Grant from Brookside (!) was a swine! As was the bloke who made the models in the first Clash of the Titans and the one who played a double in the Jason movies! Hmmm!
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