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I think it's about time to contribute some more songs, otherwise this excellent thread will drop too far down the thread list and possibly be forgotten about.

Spanish Harlem by Ben E. King
Hypnotic riff. Wonderful trumpet solo.

Get Together by The Youngloods
There were quite a few hippie anthems in the late sixties; this is my particular favourite.

Wondrous Place by Billy Fury
Billy Fury had some very big hits in the early sixties. Iím amazed to discover that this superb track was not one of them, getting no higher than 25 in the UK singles chart.

Warm Of The Sun by the Beach Boys
I believe this was the B-side to the 1964 single Dance, Dance, Dance which failed to chart in the UK, which means that this brilliant song definitely qualifies for this thread. I know itís been said a thousand times before, but Iíll say it again: Brian Wilson is an absolute genius!
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