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Incense and Peppermints by Strawberry Alarm Clock
Along with Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” this is probably the definitive 1967 American Psychedelic pop song.

I Love You by the Volumes
Splendid Doo-Wop song from 1962.

Secret Agent Man by Johnny Rivers
Another fine American artist completely overlooked in the UK.

I Fought the Law by the Bobby Fuller Four
The Clash version is good, but not a patch on this as far as I’m concerned.

Promise Me You’ll Cry by the She Trinity
The all-girl British beat group She Trinity recorded a fine cover of the previous song called "He Fought the Law", which I was also going to feature. When trying to find it on Youtube I discovered this other excellent track by them, so I’ve chosen that instead.

Trivia corner

The bass player with the aforementioned She Trinity was a certain Miss Pauline Moran. In the 1990’s the very same Pauline Moran was an actress playing the part of Miss Lemon in the ITV series Agatha Christie’s Poirot.

Compare these two photos of the lady.
The older Pauline Moran as the prim and proper, middle-aged Miss Lemon with other members of the Poirot cast.

The younger Pauline Moran with other members of the She Trinity. She is the dark-haired one in the very short skirt, looking anything but prim and proper!
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