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Thanks for your understanding Mushymanrob. I didn't feel like admitting this last week. It's just that I got to know the song very soon after becoming distraught about someone dear to me receiving some unfair and devastating news, and upon hearing this song bursting into tears! It is therefore a clever and well-written emotional song to have this effect on me.
i can understand that... and thats the beauty of music, it can often relate to you personally from a scource you never expected. its a totally 'uncool' track, but has a resounding sentiment that can effect anyone.

didnt know whether or not it would work, with all the modern emphisis on here i dint know how many 'oldies' frequented this site.

glad you like it pity we cant pin it as there are some absolute classic tracks here that could be relevant for newbies long into the future.
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