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Duke of Earl by Gene Chandler
I love Doo-wop music, and although it’s usually associated with the 1950’s, a lot of great tracks were still being recorded in the early-sixties.
This is the 1962 original version of a song that was a big hit for the Darts in the late-seventies.

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? by Chicago Transit Authority
Recorded in 1969 before the band dropped the Transit Authority from its name and became plain old Chicago.
The piano intro to this track is a little overlong, but once the song actually kicks off the wait will have been worth it.

Ruby Baby by Dion
Being a big fan of Doo-wop I’m naturally a big fan of Dion (with or without the Belmonts).
I love “Runaround Sue” and “The Wanderer”, but both were big UK hits and not really obscure enough for this thread, so I’ve gone with this other gem from 1962.

Abraham, Martin and John by Dion
By the late-sixties Doowop was very much out of vogue, so Dion tried his hand at Folk Rock.
This is his 1968 tribute to assassination victims Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and the Kennedy brothers.
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