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Ken Bruce Show Week 16th August

"Whispering" Bob Harris joins Ken Bruce for a very special Tracks Of My Years as Bob celebrates the 40th anniversary of his first broadcast on BBC Radio 1 on 19 August 1970.

Bob picks 10 of his favourite tracks during the week and reveals the reasons behind his selection.

Bob's choices include the very first record he bought Paul Anka's Diana which he bought on 78rpm; Alone Again Or by Love which was gifted to him by John Peel; T-Rex's Get It On which brings back memories of the first T-Rextasy tour; and Steve Earle's Guitar Town which launched BBC Radio 2's Bob Harris Country show back in 1999. And on Friday, Bob reveals his all-time favourite single.

From 11.50am on Friday 20 August Bob Harris's Tracks Of My Years The Directors Cut will be available on the BBC Radio 2 website offering an extended version in which Bob offers more insight and shares stories about what makes these 10 particular records special to him.

Bob Harris can be heard on Radio 2 on Saturday nights between 12midnight and 3am and on Thursday nights at 7-8pm for Bob Harris Country.
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Such a fine broadcaster.
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