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A very eclectic selection of sixties instrumental tracks:-

Duane Eddy - Peter Gunn (1960)
This tune was, of course, a big hit in 1986 for the Art of Noise featuring Duane Eddy, but here is the King of the Twangy Guitar’s original (without the Art of Noise, but with a very good sax player) from some two and half decades earlier.

Ernest Gold - Exodus Theme (1960)
There were a plethora of truly marvellous film themes back in the sixties, e.g. “The Magnificent Seven”, “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Midnight Cowboy” , “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” and, of course, this one.

The Spotnicks - Rocket Man (1962)
Splendid track from Sweden’s spacesuit wearing answer to the Shadows.

Los Indios Tabajaras - Maria Elena (1963)
It may be very cheesy, but I really do like this track.

The Chantays – Pipeline (1963)
Surf classic.

Nini Rosso – Il Silenzio (1965)
The trumpet is hardly my favourite musical instrument, but for some tunes only a trumpet will do, and this tune is one of them.

Cliff Nobles and Co. - The Horse (1968)
Soul instrumental track that I stumbled across this morning by accident. Good accident.

John Barry - The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair (1968)
Beautiful orchestral piece that was originally written for a Sunsilk shampoo TV commercial.
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