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Another mixed bag from me today:-

Roy Orbison - Borne On The Wind (1964)
Roy Orbison is now hailed as a sixties legend (and quite rightly so imo) which means that all his greatest tracks are probably far too well known for this thread ... with the possible exception of this gem.

Joe Cocker - Marjorine (1968)
Had this been the single that immediately succeeded his charttopping classic "With A Little Help From My Friends" rather than the one that immediately preceded it, "Marjorine" may have been a much bigger hit than it actually was (which it certainly deserved to be).

Aphrodite's Child - Rain and Tears (1968)
A massive hit on the Continent and minor hit in the UK for a Greek band featuring a then unknown Vangelis on keyboards and a then unknown Demis Roussos on bass guitar and vocals.

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Mr. Moody's Garden (1969)
Although this single flopped miserably (and I think I can fully understand why) I can honestly say that I prefer it to quite a few of the big hits he had over next few years.
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