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A sequel to Kick Ass has been announced and is due for release in 2012.

According to IMBD returning for the sequel are

Chloe Moretz ... Mindy Macready / Hit-Girl
Lyndsy Fonseca ... Katie Deauxma
Aaron Johnson ... Dave Lizewski / Kick-Ass
Christopher Mintz-Plasse ... Chris D'Amico / Mother ****er
Clark Duke ... Marty
Omari Hardwick ... Sergeant Marcus Williams (rumored)
Evan Peters ... Todd

It's interesting that there is a change in character. In the first Christopher Mintz played Red Mist but now he is called Mother ****er. I'm not sure what to make of that. It comes across as being an cheap way to get the word mother****er used a lot in a film.

Personally I would have prefered it if Kick-Ass wasn't in this film as IMO his story was told.
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