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I'm glad to see the beeb raising the profile of foreign language cinema, but these awards have a fatal flaw. By the time they are held, most of the films have been out for some time. Indeed, the last five winners have been two years old by the time they won it. I realise there's usually a delay between a foreign film's domestic release and its arrival in Britain, but these awards are so badly timed they're out of date before they're even screened, in much the same way the BAFTA's used to be before they were moved ahead of the Oscars.

Going by domestic release, none of this year's nominees are actually 2010 films, 3 are from 2009 and 2 from 2008. I still think the awards are a good idea but they should be honouring this year's films, not those released so long ago even those who have seen them have probably forgotten half the plot!
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