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I was discussing the exact same thing with a mate of mine earlier today.

You cant do good action scenes because how can yuo possibly escape from Superman? He can fly at the speed of light, hes got super strength and all the other super powers he has..i dont know how you can make it entertaining. How can you possibly think hes ever going to lose.

and on the other end of the scale, hes weaker than an old lady when theres kryptonite how do you get good action scenes out of him.

it will be interesting to see how they are going to work around this.

Yep. Sums it up for me too.
He just has too many abilities.
Supes was never a childhood favourite because he's either invincible or Kryptonite induced jelly.
To give Chris Reeve some credit, he tried to show some internal conflict and monologue to give him some substance.

No, my childhood favourites were always Batman and Spidey.
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