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Here's the Cilla thread:

She sounds dreadful from that!

I did meet Darren Day once too but he wasn't a very happy bunny, in fairness he was about to go into an education class for people who'd drunk driven who were in the same office as me.

All the staff there said he was nice though, which under the circumstances is good.

I also bumped into Richard Wilson in Marks and Sparks a few weeks back. I recognised him but just thought he bore a bit of a resemblance as I couldn't think what he would be doing 'ooop north' where I am. He was chatting to a man outside and when I looked at him again after he came in he really scowled at me. Turns out he was directing a play at our local theatre.

I don't know if he was really grumpy though, maybe after all the years of playing Victor Meldrew his face is just like that!
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