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One of my friends won a VIP visit to the Corrie set. She was helicoptered in, with a champagne reception, and got backstage priveledges, and was able to mingle escorted with the cast and watch a few scenes being shot.

Everyone was really freindly, except for the woman who plays Rita Fairclough! She was a right snotty cow, rude, very self-important, and wouldn't speak to any of the people involved with the VIP set tour. Though I'm told she is charm itself when the camera is on her in interviews or PR stuff.

No need to be like that - she aint no Helen Mirren! She's on Corrie! Irony is, Helen probably would have been much more accommodating.
My Gran, donkeys years ago, worked at Bellevue races and the Corrie cast all went in there she said similar. The worst she said though were Lynne Perry (Ivy Tilsley) and the woman who played Concepta Riley who were vile.

Every time Concepta came in their manager used to shout 'That bloody Conception's in again'. Tee, hee!
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