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I can totally see where you're coming from but in this case it would be a "no".

Doog is one of the nicest guys you could meet. He's an army bandsman and is an accomplished folk musician as well. He and his severely physically disabled wife are big fans of MM and have been to see him live a couple of times and he approached him to tell him how "great" he thought he was and this was the response he got.

He said everyone else was top notch, MM stuck out like a sore thumb with his snotty attitude.

Of course one could say that maybe he was having a bad night, or he didn't feel very well and couldn't be bothered, but there is such a thing as courtesy. Unfortunately far too many of these celebs seem to think that they are above such things once they get a bit of fame behind them.

I have absolutely no reason to disbelieve your friend's experience at all. I find it rather disappointing, because MM does come over as a nice guy. Oh well...I still think he's funny though. Sorry to those who don't. Tony Hancock was a complete ass, but he was still a funny guy sometimes.
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