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Louisa Lytton (Beth from the Bill) was filming outside my work - she was a snotty little thing - right up herself, gary Lucy was there and was lovely (but im a bit biased) and was having photographs etc.

I have also met Jesse Wallace (kat from eastenders) when she was heavily pregnant, asked for autograph and when she asked my name and i replied she said she loved it and would consider it for the baby - although she didnt! - she really was lovely but her other half (forget his name, dave somethingorother i think) glared at me like i was about to murder her! came across as very jealous of her being recognised...

james cracknell is also a lovely person and very very handsome!!! he had all the ladies swooning although when i see him now he comes across as a bit of a **** - fame seems to have changed him.
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