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story? my mate has met him loads of times and he's really lovely. he was lovely to me and my mum at the NTA's. he gave her a kiss

he's vile

Kian Egan told a bar man in a pub in dublin to **** off as he was sick of singing, when he asked him to sing a quick happy birthday to a female bar staff member as it was her birthday then proceeded to sing all his westlife songs to himelf- I was there

he's also a knob
agreed. kian is really horrible to fans

I have also met Jesse Wallace (kat from eastenders) when she was heavily pregnant, asked for autograph and when she asked my name and i replied she said she loved it and would consider it for the baby - although she didnt! - she really was lovely but her other half (forget his name, dave somethingorother i think) glared at me like i was about to murder her! came across as very jealous of her being recognised...

aww she is lovely. i've met her a few times and she was only a bit off one time cos she was going out with her mates but that was okay lol thankfully she's not with him now! he was an arse!

most people i've met have been lovely. There's only been a couple who have been rude (there might be more but i don't remember)

anthon cotton
amanda donohoe - she's really horrible. avoids fans whatever way she can outside the studios - pulled a rude face to my mate
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