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My daughter met Sir Peter Ustinov when she was doing PR work experience in her 2nd year at Uni, helping to host a show party. He asked her what she was studying and what she wanted to do in the future and spent nearly 30mins talking to her.She said he was one of the loveliest and most interesting men she'd met.
My niece worked with Jimmy Nail and also Stephen Fry and said they were foul,
Met Sir Peter in a restaurant when I was on my way home on leave from the Army. The place was full and the waitress asked if I minded if I shared a table. I thought the guy looked familiar and then I realised who it was. Incredibly nice bloke, very interested in people. We chatted a lot about the military over the meal.

I know Jimmy Nail from way back in the North East. His blues band was called King Crab and they used to practice in the next room to the band I was in in a pub in the North East. He also used to sing in Balmbra;s Music Hall and used to wear a posh frock belonging to his wife and no underwear while performing. I did some session work as a vocalist with the bass guitarist from their band for a few months. Very 'what you see is what you get' sort of bloke is Jimmy.
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