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I was in harrods shopping, I accidently bumped into this gorgeous woman, I apologised and she said thats fine I need glasses to see where I am was Jennifer Aniston
Came across a complete delight

Victoria beckham gave me a kiss when I was like 7/8

And believe it or not Frank Lampard & Christine Bleakley are complete professionals. Was walking in a shopping centre, and frank was having a kick about outside with a group of lads, whilst christine had a little girl (presumebly the sister) on her knee, they came across lovely

Gavin henson & charlotte church - both nice, gavin extremely shy but charlotte very smiley

Rob brydon - BRILLIANT!, signed autographs, was great with the kids

My dad knows roy hodgson from years ago aswell, bumped into him not too long ago and said hes sitll the humble and pleasent roy he has always been

Not so nice...

Niquita Oliver - sister said she was a complete stuck up bitch who was stropping

Katie price - spitting near peoples feet!
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